About Us

Fly Designs is a small business specializing in hand dying/painting high end superwashed and non superwashed yarns, including merino, Blue Face Leicester, merino nylon, merino silk blends, bamboo, tencel, cotton, cotton blends, angora, angora polymide blends, cashmere merino nylon, cashmere merino silk, and NZ possum merino silk blended yarn.

We also sell and restore antique hand cranked sock knitting machines and sock machine supplies including ribber and cylinder needles, pick hooks, oil, ribber dial adjuster, cylinder springs, and rubber belt. We also occasionally carry other sock machine parts, and sell socks and mitts knit with an antique Legare circular sock knitting machine.

Fly Designs/Angoravalley has been knitting wool with optional French angora trim Christmas stockings since 1985 in Washington state. Christmas stockings are knit in three different styles and sizes small, medium bright, and large. All of the stockings can be personalized for no extra charge, just include what name you want to go on the cuff of each stocking that is purchased. All of the wool used to knit the Christmas stockings in non superwashed U.S. wool.